School Lunch Week:

posted Oct 2, 2015, 7:30 AM by Lisa Fox
During the week of October 19th, parents
are invited to eat lunch with their child /
children at South Toe Elementary School.
A form was sent home with students for
parents to indicate the date and lunch choice.
***Please bring exact amount for lunch = $3.50.
Monday, October 19th: Kindergarten @ 10:45 am
Monday, October 19th: 1st Grade @ 10:45 am
Tuesday, October 20th: 2nd Grade @ 10:50 am
Wednesday, October 21st: 3rd Grade @ 11:20 am
Thursday, October 22nd: 4th Grade @ 11:20 am
Friday, October 23rd: 5th Grade @ 11:20 am